• The Mission Rock Residential private entry enhances personal security and is a great way to maintain one’s privacy. How space is maximized to include all the components of an apartment that enhances an enriched, peaceful, convenient and productive living for the resident is one of the great features of Mission Rock Residential. 

    The designs of various apartment models are effectively integrated into the overall natural environment to maintain an unobtrusive stance for any resident. Most modern apartment systems today have included the operational concept of private entry and Mission Rock Residential private entry is part of this trend.

    Meet the 977 sq ft 2-bed/2-bath B-1 apartment design model. The entry is by the living and dining areas via a stairs leading to a large porch that also acts as balcony. The stairs are placed in a not-so-obvious part of the apartment. You walk through the 216 sq ft living room walk through 69 sq ft dining area of the Mission Rock Residential private entry. 

    The C-1 with the largest space of 1,390 sq ft has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The entrance is by the foyer at the kitchen. There’s a master bedroom with master bath, closets and a Juliet balcony. The kitchen has a breakfast nook by the corner, and the wide balcony with storage area is outside the living room. The unobtrusive entrance by the kitchen is one major feature of Mission Rock Residential private entry. 

    The 765 sq ft 1 bed/1 bath A-2 apartment floor plan design has a stairs leading to a porch above and the entry is by the foyer between living and dining areas. You get a 180 sq ft living room and a 74 sq ft dining room. The bedroom with two walk-in closets is 165 sq ft. A large balcony is beside living room. The large bathroom is beside the kitchen with bathtub, toilet and washing/dressing area. The stairs and porch are used as a mode of entry into the apartment of the Mission Rock Residential private entry.

    In the 690 sq ft A-1 apartment design model the entry into the apartment is at the dining area. It has 132 sq ft of living room beside a large balcony. A wide walk-in closet is found adjacent to the 160.6 sq ft bedroom. You walk through the spacious dining and kitchen areas. A utility room is found in front of Kitchen.

    You can schedule a tour and view the San Antonio-based Niche apartments of Mission Rock Residential. Call now at 844-211-2132 or you can drive in to our site at 33 Lynn Batts Lane, San Antonio, Texas. Office hours are 10:00 am – 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 10:00 am – 5:00 pm on Saturdays. You can also inquire or apply through our website, http://www.missionrockresidential.com/apartments/tx/san-antonio/the-niche-apartments/ and we’ll welcome you to tour the community.

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